Supplementary Education Programme


The  Supplementary  Education  and  homework programme continued to focus on providing extra curricular educational support to children who were underachieving in their mainstream school studies. The programmes was funded by BBC Children in Need which provided grant funds to appoint qualified teachers to provide extra support in English, Maths, Science and Technology in line with the National Curriculum. 

The main objectives of the programme were: 

■The children's education development in their primary and secondary mainstream studies so that they do not become socially excluded. 

■To enhance and build positively on abilities of children throughout the teaching of transferable skills,  including  confidence  building,  group  work encouraging self-confidence etc. 

■  To contribute to raising the educational achievement of Bangladeshi children with an emphasis on core subjects (Sciences, Mathematics and English) in the line of the National Curriculum. 

■  To work in partnership with parents to tackle underachievement amongst children. 

■To improve children's learning abilities and their confidence  in  order  to  deal  with  the  inherent language barrier, so they could improve the performance in main-stream schools. 

■  To promote the Basic English Language Skills so that children can read write and speak independently. 

The children were given additional support with their  homework  and  other  learning  assignments. The teachers also provided the children general learning advice and they also had access to a wide range of quality teaching materials, lessons plans, books,computers with internet access. The students attending the sessions have continued to perform their studies to a high standard and provided with additional work that was suitable for their ability that enriched their knowledge of the national curriculum and extended their capabilities.

The supplementary education classes helped children aged 6 to 12 years and 12 to 17 years old that has helped to enable them to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, improve their social skills on a number of levels from peer relations, speaking appropriately with adults and showing kindness and respect to others. 

Every year the Association organises award and prize giving ceremonies to recognise the progress and 
achievements of children and young people have made during the year. Our aim is not only to reward hard  work  but  also  to  encourage  them  to  study harder. According to our records, students attending to our supplementary education have done well in their main stream exams such as GCSE and college levels.