Mother Tongue & Cultural Education 


The Community language and mother tongue Project has been funded by Tower Hamlets Council’s Children,  young  people  and  Family  Directorate. 
As it is an on going project, Wapping Bangladesh Association continued to deliver its Bengali Mother Tongue and Cultural Education Classes in Bengali 
language supporting children and young people were academically underachieving in their mainstream  studies.  We  were  keen  to  encourage children and young people to increase their literacy and  numeracy  skills  and  raise  their  educational achievements and this was a project that was well supported by local parents who felt that it was important that their children remained close to their roots while embracing British culture at the same time. The Mother Tongue Classes in Bengali Language forms an important educational activity of the Association. 

In the Mother Tongue Classes the children were able to learn more about their history, culture and heritage so that the children developed their self esteem and 
confidence in their own ethnicity. The Bengali Mother Tongue classes followed Tower Hamlets Curriculum under Foreign Languages criteria set out by the 

The outcomes achieved showed 
■  Improved reading, writing, speaking skills in Bengali amongst the children.

■Raised awareness of the culture, heritage and history of Bangladeshi children.

■  Good  grades  achieved  in  their  class  tests,  SATS and GCSE examinations in Bengali.

■The classes attracted children into the learning processes after school hours 

■  Improved communication skills that have helped strengthen  relationships  in  their  families

 (children and their parents and other elders in the family are able to communicate better in Bengali,

help to  bridge  the communication  gap)  and  the community.

■  That the children and young people had opportunities to develop new skills.

■  It has helped to reduce isolation by connecting young people and families to others from a similar

 linguistic and cultural background.

■  That the Children were proud of their culture and heritage. 

"Young people are taught discipline, good conduct

and trained to become loyal and self-respecting members of the society"