Complementary Therapy



Wapping Bangladesh Association has continued 
to deliver complementary therapy sessions both for 
elderly men and women and in particular on shiatsu, 
funded by Tower Hamlets Council as part of the health 
and well being project. It enabled us to continue 
provide this service. Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic 
bodywork  with  its  roots  in  Japanese  natural  health 
systems. Shiatsu is applied by massage using various 
pressure techniques and gentle manipulations with 
the palms of the hand, thumb, finger, elbows, knee 
and feet where energy is stimulated or calmed within 
the client’s body to resolve equilibrium between the 
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects 
of the individual. This service has proved to be very 
popular and a large number of our elderly users have 
said that they have benefited hugely with reduced 
back problems, aches and muscle pains. This service 
has also improved their mental and physical health 
and overall quality of life