Cultural Events & Workshops


Wapping Bangladesh Association organised a number of cultural events and workshop programme to promote community cohesion through the sharing of better understanding of the Bangladeshi community particularly of its culture, heritage and its language to the wider community. This has helped to contribute to building better community
relations with local people of all of walks of life in the Wapping Neighbourhood. Over the past two years we celebrated a number of events important in the Bangladeshi Community’s social calendar, such as Bangladesh Independence day, Eid, Christmas and new years Celebration, International Mother Tongue  Day,  Sob-EQadr,  Sob-E-Meraj,  Iftar  Party  in partnership with Noorani Cultural Centre, great get together  event  in  Tench  Street  Park.  As  a  result  of these events and functions, the children and young people had the opportunity to embrace their own
culture while learning to respect and appreciate other cultures and heritage at the same time. The above functions are attended and appreciated by people from every sector of the community.