I am delighted to report the work of Wapping Bangladesh Association (WBA) over the last two years. WBA has achieved a great deal and the challenging agenda we have set ourselves means that we are on course to achieving a lot more in the years to come. This Biennial report highlights the progress made over the past two years, the achievements gained and the fruits of our successes. 
Main highlights of our success is running ESOL courses for women’s groups in partnership with Time Bank, and providing training support to trainee advice workers in partnership with Island Advice Centre, successfully running advice and information services 5 days a week including casework support to wide range of people living in Tower Hamlets, also successfully running elderly projects including Luncheon Club, Sewing project, Mother Tongue and Art projects.

Next year the Management Committee proposes to perform an Intensive Service Review to ensure that WBA is able to continue to achieve the highest possible standards, by working closely with the management committee, staff, volunteers and other interested parties. We have recently restructured the organisation's operational direction, purpose and created an organisation that is truly focused and whose key services are delivered in the context of best value. If needed we will instigate changes to ensure that our services are better coordinated and responsive to the concerns of our community and that they are delivered in ways that suits the people who depend on us and also takes account of the needs of the future generation. 

WBA has been delivering its Advice and Information Service very successfully as part of a member of consortium. We have been delivering our service in partnership with Stifford Centre and Bangladesh Youth Movement (BYM). Sewing session for women has been our most successful ongoing projects where we see women gain confidence, independence and additional earning source for their families. 

This  is  an  ambitious  organisation  and  we  need  all  your  support  and  ideas,  so  that  it  can  deliver  and  benefit  those 
unidentified areas of knowledge and activities in which people lack in. We believe we can make a positive change amongst our community here in UK, but we cannot do this single handedly. For this, we ask for your support. From our years of experience of working in the area of community development, partnerships have always been more effective and brought about long lasting positive results for those involved.

We  truly  appreciate  the  immense  support  given  to  us  by  members  and  officers  of  Tower  Hamlets  Council  and  other 
affiliated members of our partner organisation. We look forward to building on this trusting relationship in providing service of our community.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our many partners; particularly many of the Tower Hamlets Council's departments, for their support and co-operation, our funders and our many well wishers. 
Cllr. Abdal Ullah, General Secretary