I warmly welcome you to our Biennial Report 2016-2018. I have had the honour and privilege to undertake the role of the Chairperson of the Association with the support of my colleagues on the Management Committee, our members and staff. Through the hard work and dedication of our staff, members and the management at this association we have skilfully managed the Association, some-times through difficult periods to leave it in an exciting and developing phases. I am delighted to report that over the last two years, the Association has continued to thrive and develop, providing much needed services and support for the local community in the Wapping area who are coping with the complexities and demands of life. 

The report highlights the broad range of work that the Association supports. While emphasis remains on supporting the most disadvantaged sections of the Bangladeshi community who are living in poverty and deprivation, we have continued to develop services in assisting Bangladeshi's achieve their potential; on language support (ESOL) and training for adults, addressing the health problems being experienced by the elderly; and engaging more Bangladeshi young people through involvement and participation into the wider community through successful volunteering and community engagement projects. I am pleased to say that we have helped over 1000 people at the Association over the past year. The Association has been supporting all sort of administrative help in running the Noorani Mosque successfully over the years. 


Wapping Bangladesh Association always helps to facilitate and to provide access to information and resources and build the capacity of the Bangladeshi community. The Association's existing and future projects will continue to target the needs of elderly Bangladeshi's, disadvantaged families, vulnerable women, the unemployed, people experiencing poverty and isolation. This, I hope, will provide further opportunities for us to help and support people in need.

On this note I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in the running of the organisation, staff members and my colleagues on the Management Committee for all their efforts.

My sincere thanks to Tower Hamlet's Council Authorities and all the funding bodies and agencies who have supported our work and thanks to all the individuals from other organisations that support the work of Wapping Bangladesh Association. 
Nowroz Ahmed Chowdhury, Chairperson