The Welfare Rights Advisory Service element forms a core service provision of the Association. This service 
also forms our strategy to tackle poverty that is experienced by over 95% of our members and service users. 
The majority of our users and members are from the Bangladeshi community who are experiencing housing 
problems, unemployment and poor health. The Welfare Rights Advisory Service is one of the regular services 
provided by WBA and the funding from Tower Hamlets Council’s Mainstream Funding has enabled WBA to 
continue to sustain this service, where practical help and ongoing support and assistance is available to all 
clients. We provide a free drop in and appointment service 5 days a week where information is provided on 
a range of issues on welfare benefits and entitlements, housing matters, employment support, debt advice 
as well as information about other community and council projects. In addition to the information service the 
drop-in offers a confidential non judgemental support on family matters. 

WBA provides a confidential support service for people whatever their background, culture or religion. Due 
to the large numbers of people experiencing poverty and increasing unemployment rates amongst young 
people, the advice sessions have been well used. Changes in social security benefits, implementation of new 
Universal  Credit,  housing  policies  have  contributed  towards  the  difficulties  and  complexities  encountered 
by our clients. Language and illiteracy problems create barriers for many of our clients, also the influence of 
their backgrounds determine their self-expression. No clients are turned away - where we are unable to deal 
with a query, the caller is sign posted or referred to another more appropriate agency. Our translation and 
interpreting service means that people are able to understand important letters and other documentations 
as English a second language for all our members and users. The majority of our clients confide in us and our 
advice usually overcomes these problems. As part of the Association’s commitment to improve the quality of 
service and accountability, the Association has successfully retained it’s Advice Quality Standards (AQS) and 
Matrix Quality Marks over the years.