About Us


Wapping Bangladesh Association (WBA0 is a grass root led registered charitable organisation based in the Wapping area of London Borough of Tower Hamlets.  WBA is the only specifically Bangladeshi led organisation in the wapping area and forms the main point of contact for the Bangladeshi community here. The Association was set up in 1980 to tackle poverty, deprivation and isolation being experienced by a marginalised Bangladeshi community in the borough.  The Association has long standing reputation within the community in terms of service provision - addressing the social, cultural, welfare and economic needs of the Bangladeshi community in Wapping.  WBA actively promotes equal opportunities for all.



"Wapping Bangladesh Association aims to provide responsive and pro-active services to the Bangladeshi people in the Wapping area in order to meet their individual needs, to promote development and to enable them to gain access to available resources".










The Wapping Bangladesh Association was granted charitable status on 15th January 1996.


Its objects and principal activities are defined in its Constitution, namely:

To provide advice to the Bangladeshi people living in Wapping which relieves their poverty, advances their education or preserves their health.


To advance the educational of Bangladeshi people living in Wapping, in particular by the provision of Mother Tongue Classes, Religious Studies and English Classes.


To provide recreational facilities in the interest of social welfare to the inhabitants of.


Wapping in particular but not exclusively to Bangladeshi people in the efforts to improve the conditions of life of the said inhabitants.





•The benefit of WBA shall be without distinction of gender, religion, race or colour.
• WBA will work to ensure that all aspects of inequality & discrimination are eliminated.
• WBA believes that all areas of its work shall be based on the principle of equality of access.
• WBA as an employer is committed to ensure equal opportunities for all applicants to its posts and for all 
employers in its services.


Our mission is to encourage, develop, strengthen and 
maintain a real sense of community, reducing social 
exclusion and division through working with the local 
residents to achieve the following:

Expand the service delivery in the following areas 
to all target groups.


  • Maximum access to welfare benefits.

  • Improved health through the development of 

  • a programme of health education and enabling access to health seminar.

  • Improved housing conditions through active 

  • involvement in partnership with local organisations to make informed choices.

  • A more integrated community which embraces activity for all ages and sections of the community.

  • To work with local people, statutory bodies, charities and other external agencies to increase access to services which will empower and enable people to make informed choices.



  • Maximising revenue generating activities in all areas.


  • Fund-raising where necessary to secure the 

  • delivery of services which by their very nature 

  • require subsidy and are within the remit of WBA’s 

  • charitable objectives.

  • Continued involvement of voluntary trustees.

  • Capacity building to strengthen infrastructure